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Our Democratic Heritage is a recently formed charity that aims to make the history of democracy part of the British cultural mainstream. ODH works alongside other efforts to reverse this trend, with the intention of strengthening the popular celebration of those who did so much to create the freedoms we enjoy today.

Our Democratic Heritage is a vehicle for encouraging communication between like-minded organisations and individuals. Our goal is to create a hub of activity, bringing together people and institutions to raise awareness in today's society of the long-standing tradition of democratic ideals in the UK.

Interactive Map

This map series pinpoints some of the democratic heritage sites throughout the UK, recording where important historic events took place relevant to the story of the development of democracy.
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Magna Carta Celebrations

As part of the Magna Carta 800 Committee, Our Democratic Heritage is involved in the national celebrations building towards June 2015.
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Interactive Timeline

Have you seen our new interactive timeline and quiz on the history of women and the right to vote?.
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